About funkar.skane.se

funkar.skane.se is a website for the young, by the young. 

Habilitation & Assistive technology in the Skåne region of Sweden noticed a need for a website for the young people we regularly are in contact with. We asked the youths what they wanted, and this is the basis for why funkar.skane.se exists; the children and Youths wanted a website like this.

We who are involved in the website work in an editorial team consisting of young people with different disabilities, who work together with the regular staff at the Habilitation & Assistive technology. It is the children and youths who write and create the content at funkar.skane.se
This is how we get children’s and youth’s perspectives on the different things and is, among other things, an example of how we create participation,  a very important part of what we do at Habilitation & Assistive technology.


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